Client Design Tips Common SaA advice for residential projects includes:
Don’t Build More than You Need We are experts at efficient floor plans that can expand the feeling of your space. Often people feel that the only solution is to add square footage. We take the opposite approach at first, and usually find that a creative and strategic rearrangement of the existing floor plan can solve many problems and make small spaces feel bigger.
Be Strategic with Demolition Do not assume you need to rip down walls to open up a space. We take a surgical approach by opening up views through, or glimpses into, rooms in ways that are often just as effective at enlarging the feeling of a space, but at far less cost. Do not be afraid to rip down walls. Sometimes the effort to preserve parts of the home that are not working costs far more than knowing when to wipe the slate clean.
Look for Small Solutions with Big Design Payoffs For example, a relatively inexpensive, well-placed skylight can often bring more to the feeling of a space than far more elaborate design solutions. Concentrate on a few strategically placed and well-crafted custom elements that set the tone for the project. With limited budgets, we typically focus on elements that our clients will come into physical contact with daily – entries, handrails, benches, and cabinetry.
It Often Takes Money to Save Money We hope our clients come to value how much time and design expertise it takes to save them money. We generate creative solutions, help our clients evaluate the pros and cons of any proposal, and build strong relationships with contractors experienced at cost controls. Our goal throughout the process is to save our clients money far in excess of our fees.
Avoid Too Many Cooks With a good full-service residential architect and a good general contractor, you may just have all the design and construction expertise you need. We are able to work with you on all finish and fixture selection including, material finishes, paint colors, decorative lighting fixtures etc. In the end, you will likely get higher quality with less stress at a lower cost by keeping the team small. That said, we also love to work with specialized design professionals such as lighting designers, landscape architects, and interior furnishing designers when needed – but always inspiring a collaborative, team approach.